Abdu Mwimi is Founder and President of WFF.   Abdu manages the day to day operations of the Way Forward Foundation and also works as the Country Director for Miracle Corners of the World Tanzania. He is a business consultant and development expert with extensive experience working with non-profit organizations, including youth organizations such as Perfect Youth Group. As a respected leader, Abdu works extensively with other businesses in and around Arusha to build support and strengthen the community.

Abdu is also a Life Coach. Since high school, he has worked as a peer educator and mentor to many youth within his community. Abdu is a man of character who walks the talk and stands up for people’s rights. He loves to help people and works hard to contribute to Tanzania’s transformation as a nation that delivers on the hopes and dreams of children and youth.

Abdu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. He is also pursuing a MBA at Eastern and Southern African Management Institute.

His hobbies include politics, swimming, traveling, working with non-profits, reading and mentoring the youth.

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