Hilary Mbonde is a child of the nation, a social development agent with the more than 5 five years of experience working with young men and women only achieving their meaning of life using both traditional and modern approaches. Mr. Mbonde is pursuing bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at National Institute of Transport-NIT and also holds a Diploma in Computer Engineering. Mbonde is a County Representative for Child & Youth Finance International based in the Netherlands and is a Marketing Personnel for Projekt Inspire, a social enterprise company. He is passionate about encouraging and inspiring young people to be the best that they can be and also has been dealing with teaching entrepreneurship, communication skills and gives motivational talks to youth of different ages.

He has been highly interested in reading motivation books and stories, internet surfing, collecting inspiring stories that he comes across, networking, travelling to different parts of the world, and watching documentaries and football games.

He has done several initiatives in his community such as darasauchumi.blogspot.com, Ijue Ebola Campaign, Tengeneza Generation-NGO, Mkete Fashion Group (mkete is nyakyusa tribe word which means “look at”), and Mama Yangu Faraja Yangu Foundation based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has also been a member of several organizations and is involved in Youth of United Nations Association in Tanzania, Tanzania Youth Vision Associations, and Tanzania Aspiration Initiative.

What he believes “NO ACTION, NO MOVIE”

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