My name is Kamala Dickson Mwombeki, a Tanzania and pan-African youth leader.  I am an East African youth champion on integration and an EAC advocate for better youth policies in Tanzania and the East African Community in order to ensure that Africa is moving to the next level. I am hardworking, a team player, creative, innovative, confident, intelligent, competent, vibrant, dynamic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and proactive with an “I can” and “must do” attitude. I am ready to go beyond achieving academic excellence while also to taking initiative initiatives to positively impact society. I attended various education institutions from primary schools to university; for example, in 2012 to 2015 I attended the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy (MNMA). I also have international exposure from my attendance at national and international youth conferences and cultural exchanges.

Major Experiences

  • Tanzania Youth Vision Association, National Vice Chairperson: responsible for all administrative issues such as policy implementation, working within the strategic plan, cooperating with international youth organizations, and championing the youth agenda in Tanzania
  • Youth Ambassador for the East Africa Youth Ambassador Platform: conflict resolution, law and policy making (ex. EAC Youth Policy), partnering with EU youth parliamentarians, sensitization in EAC opportunities in different universities

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