Young Cities – Making youth a priority

The East African Institute of Aga Khan University in partnership with Korogocho-based and youth-led K-Youth Media are deploying video and photography in a social purpose storytelling campaign to raise awareness and motivate public dialogue, consensus and action on open, child-friendly spaces in densely populated neighborhoods of Nairobi’s Eastlands. Although these neighborhoods are bustling with enterprise and ingenuity we could do better for our children.

In a few years a majority of Kenyans will be urban dwellers. Consequently, a majority of Kenyan children will be born and raised in an urban environment. However, a majority of residential neighborhoods in urban areas are informal and squalid. Poor water and sanitation, slum-like housing, and a lack of open spaces for recreation and play often characterize urban neighborhoods where a majority of Kenyans live.

These neighborhoods are home to the majority of Kenya’s urban children. Hence, the long-term implication for our society is grave especially because our urban population is growing rapidly. We say the children are the future. Because we have them here now we must act decisively to provide spaces that will enable their development and flourishing.


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